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Sepete Ekle

1 spool single/double acting + 1 spool double acting + 1 spool c/w lift lever

Hydraulic directional control valve



Massey Ferguson  (all old models...)

100 Series:
135, 148, 165, 175, 178, 185, 188

200 Series:
230, 240, 245, 250, 260, 265, 275, 290, 298

300 Series:
362, 365, 372, 375, 390, 398, 399

500 Series:
550, 560, 565, 590, 595

600 Series:
675, 690, 698, 699

French 800 Series:

Pre 100 Series:
35 3cyl, 35 Petrol, 65

Ferguson (only some models)

FE35 4cyl, FE35 Petrol


for USERS ;

installation is very easy to mount of our Hydraulic Directional Control Valves. In addition to the Hydraulic valve in the package, other materials your requirements are also give to you free of charge. (connecting screw, rear connecting iron, oil hoses, 2 coupler bodies, coupler bracket, sealing components vb.) Our customers can easily mount our products on their tractors without outside any help.

When your tractor are in operation, our Hydraulic Directional Control Valves can be instatement to the damper position at any position. Whether rear hydraulic lifts are up or down, it does not matter. Even be on the move, you can shifting in up position (Turkish equivalent = damper position ) the diverter level on the front surface of our Directional control valves and you can start using your agricultural equipments.

Our Hydraulic Directional Control Valves can be work as duble action or single action.Our Hydraulic valves work as single action when tight the short-circuit-spout on the left surface and it works double action when loose.

Our valves receive the oil from the Hydraulic pump. therefore there is no pressure regulator in our valves. the pressure can be adjusted from the regulator in the Hydraulic pump.



flow for all products 45 lt

maximum working pressure 315 bar

maximum return pressure 220 bar

Packing measurement
   width  depth  height
 Box sizes  40 cm  20 cm  16 cm
 Box sizes  0 inç  0 inç  0 inç
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Weight measurement
    kg  lbs  







May be metal particles or pollution in the oils circulating in the pistons and lifts, these too it will damages the tractor's hydraulic brain. In order to prevent this and to do no harm on the tractor's brain, we developed a different system. In this system, the pressurized oil from the Hydraulic valve goes directly to the pistons, but the oil returning from the pistons is discharged to the oil tank with a separate port, not the hydraulic brain. Here too, it is cleaned by passing through the oil filter. Thus, the hydraulic brain is not damaged at all.