Who We Are ?

Özmenoglu Hydraulic was established in 1965, since then our firm succeeded in becoming one of the companies which served in hydraulic sector, and was mentioned with admiration in its field by means of works full of faith, determination and without compromising principles. This success has also carried with manufacturing and today besides making hydraulic pump,control lever, piston and so on, our firm has started to manufacture hydraulic remote selector valve with its own trade mark for the first time in Turkey. Our company located in Konya, has gained credibility owing to its service in this sector and started to provide service throughout Turkey with existing dealers’ supports and made significant contribution to the national economy. Our firm which attaches great importance to the works of product development and set a new model, continues its activities by renewing continuously with the aim of offering a pleasant choice and convenience to consumers.




We consider quality as a whole. We bring closepieces complementary best in all steps together from the raw materials used in production to style of design and customer relations; we do know that we must offer the best in every product regardless of style, design and price are.




Our vision is to provide the best and on time service to our customers, always aiming the best service and production quality, to prioritize customer satisfaction at all times, to have advanced production techniques with sophisticated technology, to be useful to our works,national economy and society in the sense of social responsibility.

In order to be able to achive our targets aimed, our mission is to work hard,always do the best, be the best and lead the field continually. And our mission is also to look after human, society and moral principles all the time.